Fallout3 Plugins

XWeather XWeather (Weather)

Default and Sandstorm Weather
XWeather MultiPurposeNumpad (Keyboard-Input)

Poses, DOF, SlowMotion
XChainsaw XChainsaw (Weapon)

New mesh and textures

Short:Weather Plugin

This is a weather plugin that works with chances. It's actually the plugin TheRoadWarriorWeather.

First I made an own weather-plugin but unfortunately the weather never showed up - I don't know why. So I took the working plugin TheRoadWarriorWeather that doesn't uses scripts.

There are only two weather types activated: DefaultWastelandWeather (60%) and SandstormWeather (40%). If you're familiar with the GECK you can add the other weather-types of the original plugin to the modded climate.

The SandstormWeather is a combination from EnhancedRainAndSnow and DynamicWeather. When the sandstorm is active a script places 15 sandstorm animation-nifs to the player (constantly). I've changed the original script that far, that the nifs get only disabled once if not active otherwise that could be a cause for a crash when something disabled gets disabled.

I've put this plugin at the end of my load order - even after MMM, although MMM should basically be the last mod. You might have to disable the weather plugin when entering the TranquilityLane world. Otherwise the game could crash ..

The screenshot was made with just the weather plugin and without any other environment-plugin and without ENB.




It supports keyboard-input for

  • PosingSystem
  • SlowMotion
  • BuiltIn Dof (ImagespaceModifier)

The included (duplicated) posing files are selfmade and are functioning as placeholders. It's up to you to replace the .kf files and (animation-object).nif files

Folders xxPose01 - xxPose03 are without animobjects. Folder xxPose04 uses animobjects. Each folder contains 50 poses that makes 200 in sum that can be replaced. To make the renaming process easier I've included a bat file that you can place into the pose folder. Double-click it and the containing .kf files will get renamed accordingly.

For more information please take a look at the title-picture.



Problems, Warnings and Hints:

  • At the first time can happen that you have to click the keys more often .. or longer.
  • Don't remove a pose; the program doesn't like it, when a reference from the esp points to a non existing .kf file. But there is no problem in exchanging a .kf file, by renaming the new one to the old one.
  • When nothing happens you may eventually have to disable your numpad by hitting [Num], the upperleft key on the numpad.
  • I am not sure if the keycodes work for a non-german keyboards too?


Short:New chainsaw weapon

I've made a new chainsaw for Fallout out of the original one.

TexturesNotCompressed are the best quality but are of higher file size of course.