Oblivion Resources

  PillowRescource PillowResource Clutter
  Croissant Croissant smaller than the Original
and the blade now shiny
  TeddyBear TeddyBear MiscItem TeddyBear
Source from here
  BedsideTable BedsideTable "Mumin" Converted .3DS
Source from this site
  AlchemicLocker AlchemicLocker "Murmur" Converted .3DS
Source from this site
  TeddyBear01 TeddyBear with movable limbs Converted .3DS
Source from this site
  Grammophone Grammophone Grammophone (clutter!) with rotating vinyl
Altered Idle Anim V1+V2 Animation Replacer
War Witch Armor V2.0
Bravil Brawler Outfit V1.0
  ToothpasteTube ToothpasteTube Mesh
  StrotisEquippablePots Strotis EquippablePots
VampireX Outfits V5.0
Armor (NonStandard)
TiBoots V1.0
SewersAndCaves V2.0
Meshes ready for use
North Tipi & GoblinTent V2
Animated Water V3
Meshes and Textures
  Crystal Crystal
Mesh and Textures
  GoblinStuff Goblin Stuff
Mesh and Textures
Weapons V1
Meshes and Textures
  AnimatedStuff AnimatedStuff
Mesh and Textures
  SpiderAnims Nehrim - SpiderAnims Nehrim - More powerful spider-attack anims
SnusStatues Static Meshes and Textures
  MagicEffectsExtracted MagicEffectsExtracted Placeable and Movable Effect Nifs
  StatueLion StatueLion Mesh and Texture
  GroundMist GroundMist
(last updated)
Animated Meshes and Texture