Oblivion Links

The Elder Scrolls

Homepage of The Elder Scrolls - serie from Bethesda with the latest infos, patches, official plugins, etc.!

  • Fullversion of Elders Srolls I - "Arena" and Elders Srolls II - Daggerfall" as download.
  • Support-area to all the games!

The Construction Set - Wiki

A very good wiki for the Construction Set, including a Scripting-API!
Here you can find instructions regarding how to use the TES-CS and how to make a new modification. The site is written in English!

Niftools Forum

The developers site of the Niftools (Nifskope, Nifscripts, ..). On this site you get the latest news about using Blender and Nifskope for Oblivion. If you wait for using a new Blender version for your Oblivion work, here is the source to be up to date. Besides that, if you got more in-depth questions regarding meshes or Blender you can post them in the forum. It should not be forgotten that without the work and the effort of the members of that site, Oblivion wouldn't be what it is, namely a dream for modders!


A very huge site with surely the greatest quantity of plugins and wallpapers of the games Oblivion, Fallout3, Fallout NewVegas, DragonAge and Skyrim.


An interesting site that offers also mature content.

Oblivion Map

An interactive map showing the chosen location-category like Ayleid-Ruins, forts, mines and many more from Cyrodiil and the ShiveringIsles.

Sharesoft Portal

Plugins and interesting informations about the Elder Scrolls games inclusive a forum with many topics regarding the games and the various plugins.

Elder Scrolls - Info

Plugins and interesting informations about Oblivion and Morrowind inclusive many interesting plugins. This is a German-/English-speaking page.


German-speaking page about the Elder Scrolls games with a lot of useful tips and solutions for bugs. Here you can also find plugins and more.

World of Elder Scrolls

Another German-/English-speaking site about the Elder Scrolls games with various informations, tips and plugins regarding Oblivion. The plugins are divided into two categories: german and english plugins.

Planet Oblivion

Here you can find many general informations about the original games Oblivion and Morrowind as informations about races, rules and stories. You can also find quest-guides for the original games. And there are plugins for downloading.

Portal - Egg of Time

One of the best websites about Oblivion in German or English with lots of good plugins, informations about the game and about modding. Additionally there is a forum in which questions can be asked and many friendly and competent people are always willing to answer them.

Urdanis' Oblivion Website

A very beautyful peronal german Oblivion website with interesting information about modding. You find Urdanis' plugins like BodyReplacers, PriceFixes, OblivionTweaks, Resources and much more. If you play Nehrim, this site will provide you with additional Nehrim-specific plugins.