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New Armor
SpikedAndChained BerserkArmor (Armor)


Short:New Armor
Filesize:ca. 6.5 MB 7z / 13.5 MB

For this work I wanna say special thanks to Growlf who inspired me with a similar work he made for Oblivion. And thanks for the mesh as a working basis.

This work is based upon my Female Body Variation CBBE with altered textures from Caliente. Maybe you wanna set the material name of this body from skin to something else in nifskope and direct the texture path to the body-texture of my body variation - just to try it out ??

This armor should be compatible with the standard CBBE body (textures).


most likely Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE- for good seams at the hands, feet and head


Caliente for body and textures, Growlf for his ChainsSpikes Armor, Blender, Niftools, Gimp, Tesnexus and all friendly modders who share their knowledge and work


You can reuse this work when giving credits .. and of course commercial use is not granted!

Short:Armor Conversion
Filesize:ca. 12.6 MB 7z / 40 MB

I tried hard to make a good converstion of pale_rider's awesome BerserkArmor - BlackDevil. He made also two other texturing-versions. If you wanna try them out just download his plugin, put the textures into your Skryim/Data/.. folder and provide the according texture-paths in the meshes via Nifskope.

What I haven't converted are the Berserk-Shield and the Berserk-Weapons.

I had a problem getting the Berserk-Mask to work properly. If you go into sneak-mode and have the mask equipped and not the cuirass, then you will see (slightly) hoovering head. I think boneweighting to the head is not enough since the head uses a .tri file too. But when standing you don't notice anything ..

I used the original male mesh as a basis and CBBE as a female basis in case you use something other and the hand or feet are a bit misplaced when you have the cuirass without gloves or boots equipped.

Where to find:

You find the armor in a chest in the "Bleak Falls Barrow" (german: Ödsturzhügelgrab) in the from me called "Icewind Dale passage" :))
.. just take a look at the screenshot.

Btw. if this location doesn't suit you (what I would understand, since this armor is slightly better than an Ebony armor) then please use the CK to put the chest somewhere else.


pale_rider for the awesome work!


Commercial use is forbidden - for non commercial use please ask pale_rider (via Tesnexus) - thanks!