Simple Rigging Tutorial

Import the mesh whith these settings


Delete the start-cube and the skeleton (rightclick + delete)

Go into CameraView (Numpad 0) and hit key A twice until everything is purple framed and save the work, then exit Blender

Open the new file again and import only the skeleton


Rightclick the skeleton and choose PoseMode from the menubar at the bottom (where you probably see ObjectMode)

Then rightclick your desired object and choose WeightPaint from the same box in the menubar and hit key N (with mouse-cursor in the 3DView where you see your object)


Rightclick the desired bone onto which your object should be rigged and rightclick again onto your object;

Choose the weightpaint-color (Weight) in the panel called Weight Paint Properties (eg: red = weight 1 = object moves 100% with the bone)

You paint by holding/clicking the left mousebutton; with the default setting you actually paint each vertices which is an exact but slow method; if you wanna have all in a certain weight deselect Vert Dis and Soft in the Weight Paint Properties and set the size to maximum.


Paint the whole object with your left mouse. If you think you have it done rotate your object to see if you really got all verticese by rightclick again your specific bone, hit R, move mouse and clickleft to fix it.

If not everything moved just paint these vertices too. Then reset your rotation by hitting Alt+R.


Tip: If you wanna clear the object from any colour just click clear in the panel Weight Paint Properties

Now click the skeleton and switch into ObjectMode - the same with the object. Click key A twice to select all and go into CameraView with Numpad 0. Save and export.